Tourism and Terrorism a Contradiction Business

 Tourism and Terrorism a Contradiction Business

by : Agung Suyono S.Sos, Tour Guide Licensed, Jakarta Tourism Official

As a Professional Tour Guide for more then 30 Years including experienced Tourism worker at Hotel and Restaurant Industry I am so concern with the Terrorism.

Terrorism is really seriously threat toward Tourism. Because of Tourism need Security, Orderly, Cleanness, Beautyness, Kindness, Coolness and Memorable moment. In Indonesia we called them as Sapta Pesona or Seven Wonder of Indonesian Hospitality.

Indonesia is rich and wealthy country and nation both in Cultural and Natural.

If Malaysia promote themselves as Truly Asia then Indonesia is Trully The World.

Its not an over claimed if Indonesia called itself as Trully The world, because everything on the world is represented ini Indonesia.

From the native tradisional prehistoric life style such as people in Papua Province who preserve the stone age lively hood .

To the high tech life style with digital manner are there ini Indonesia.

As priority to the Tourism Industry Security is a Must to provide for the Tourist comfort and joyful.

Without Security guarantee no Tourist would visit any country, even worse the other country government issued a Travel Banned or Travel Warning.

Such Bali Bombing incident back to 2002 was an attack to Indonesian Tourism especially Bali Province.

Since then Bali were not the main holiday destination for International Tourist especially Australian who were called Bali as their second holiday home.

Every body must be involved to keep this country secure and save for all.Not just for the Tourist but also for local Residence.

Last week horrible attack suicide bomber in Surabaya Churches of East Java was such a devil and evil act done by missintrepreter moslem.

Everybody loose as a result caused by the terrorist for sure. Surabaya city mainly and East Java Province generraly would suffer of bad image.

For the time being Surabaya or East Java and Indonesia would branded as insecure Tourist destination.

The economic impact of Tourism Industry were broad and widespread from Transportation, Accomodation and Cullinary Industry would develop productively.

With the visiting of Tourist to our country or city there would be a revenue and income for all stakeholder from the souvernir shop , the tour guide, tour driver and shop keeper to the hotel worker and Restaurant waiters.

So let’s fight Terrorism for building Indonesia Tourism well develop. Don’t let Indonesian Tourism brand image behind the other country in ASEAN, Asia or all over the world.

The wonderful of Indonesian Culture and Nature must be well Promoted and avoided from the disturbance of Terrorism.

Tourism must be the winner of Global life hood for humanity development in advance Civilization.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 16 May 2018.


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